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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Murdoc by Murdoc in Apr 10, 2020

Just would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and for those who cannot spend it with family, do the next best thing Skype Stay safe!!!!


National Lockdown

Murdoc by Murdoc in Mar 26, 2020

Eish, so national lockdown has been annoyed, very bad, but I guess it has to be done, remember there will be lockdown blues, you can come shake that off if you want by joining us in some games.
Currently playing multiple games such as

  • Ark Evolved
  • League of legends
  • Albion Online
  • COD warfare
  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
To name a couple

Albion Online

Albion Online

Murdoc by Murdoc in Feb 15, 2020

Awe, Well we started a new game called Albion online, it’s like wow which is pretty cool, not to mention its totally player based economy ( Don’t know if that’s a good thing ) if you would like to give it a try come and join us, we have some experienced members that joined us so the knowledge is there.