Base tours on this page has been done before they have been demolished, this will show each of them in their own spotlight.

TCC Main Base GS PVP

GO GO GO TURRET SPAM, so many turets so many shields, Imagen the upkeep on these bad boys

TCC Main Base GS PVP

Nag PVPVE Island : Herbi Island Base

What can I say about Herbi Island, it was the third base that TCC built ever since TCC was established, the only people that had the courage to actually attempted to raid it was Carebears, they done a wonderful meat run on the dinos at the back, but that was the extent, lots and lots of low level deaths. sucessfully never been properly raided, and yes the lag would cause the server to crash, but it was home for many of our tribe members thousands of hours spent on it, and it will always be the Jewel, and the accomplishment of Tea Cup Clan Jump to power on the NAG servers, It will be missed.

NAG PVPVE Herbi Island Base

Ark Official Server 168 Blue OB Base

This base was allot of fun, unfortunately we had to close it down due to turret limits, and 3 days after the Move someone came and blew it up what a pity they did not get anything worth value, BLUE OB YOU WILL BE MISSED.

Official 168 Blue OB