The clans History
Well what can we say, we started like any Noob Tribe on Ark Evolved, running around and gathering thatch. Murdoc met Theo on the server.
Basically Theo saw his Fire, Theo came over and asked Murdoc if he wanted to get a ptera, they finally got one. We then decided we wanted to merge. What a mess, we lost everything and had to start over. Built a wonderful base, It was snuggly and we had our home.

Made our first Alliance with a tribe called SS Shooters, I bought Dinos from them. We grew, went to war, helped kill the enemies of SS Shooters. We expanded over time, got another tribe member, moved closer to SS Shooters, as we thought they were good guys( We were wrong )
We continued to grow our membership. We hosted Competitions, and grew.
All was well in the world, Then Myself and Ares, killed Love Nest. The first Tea Cups Major War, it add to our wealth in items, We carried on growing, recruiting members left right and center.
Then the leader of SS Shooters did something, they broke a rule, that they established for the alliance, they attacked a small tribe, as we grew up with those values instilled in us, We refused to participate when that small tribe, became a massive tribe overnight.
It was only one member playing by himself, their other tribe members where on different servers, We got kicked from the alliance as we did not participate in the war.
It soured the relationship. After that. We moved to the Island called Herbi Island, and established roots there. Built a STRONG BASE waiting for the revenge to come, It did not, they got destroyed.
Joyous celebration!!!
We continued to expand Grow into a formidable force.
Our most favored war is with the tribe called Carebears. The war lasted for months but in the end we won.
As time went everything calmed down peace with one of the old alliance members called Band of Brothers, at this point we where one of the strongest on the server, helped out many people, two great forces Tea Cup and Band of brothers, bases of Enormous sizes. Giant vs. Giant, no one Alpha, Alpha = Stalemate.
So it went on for months. And then that fateful day happened.
Band of brothers declared war on a tribe that was a baby, something happened in that tribe and the leader came to us and Merged with us.
As Granny Ripper and ourselves weren’t on talking terms, and he contacted me demanding the base that they failed to obtain from the small tribe, As there was hatred, between us, it made our answer easy
This escalated into the Great War between Tea Cups and Band of Brothers, BOBs Alliance rallied behind them, but we beat them up at every turn. We obliterated them on Scorched earth effectively cutting off their Wyvern Supply.
As they say Battle Won, we had Wyverns and they did not, one key lesson, always protect your supply lines, After that the wonderful keyboard warrior granny ripper went on global, bragging that we will die and we will be wiped, Fortunately for us, we were strong, Did not take it lying down, Battle raged for 2 weeks, when we got our wonderful tuhhy into their shore base, we got word, they will be leaving the server Joyous news, from Pleb to king We rain supreme with our Main base on Herbi Island, Carno Island to follow

It has always been my dear to see Tea Cup Clan on Multiple Games and Multiple Servers. The tribe has taken my passion for expansion to the next level, We will see you soon on your server

Wars / Battles

We stopped naming, there's just to many :/

  • Love Nest
  • Homo Erectus
  • Legion
  • Care Bears( My Favorite you will will always be remembered )
  • They call me Legendary () The Most Annoying )
  • Band Of Brothers ( AKA Granny Rippers little pets)
  • Ninja's (Ramkat trying to make a comeback)
  • Night Walkers
  • WAP Services
  • Tribe of 420
  • EQ, Doge Trying to be big
  • Breeders
  • Builders
  • Tribe of carlien
  • Planet Express
  • Coffee Cup Clan
  • Exodus : Thumbs up to them, they are an amazing bunch :D
  • United Airlines
  • Cavebears V2
  • Wheres my Carno
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Lemon Tree
  • Tribe of Bananna
  • Jango's Tribe, Cant remember the name
  • Whos that pokemon
  • Spur Fight Club
  • The Guardians
  • ArkTek
  • The A
  • Sand Storm
  • Foot Job
  • Soul Survivor
  • Titan
  • Artificial Immortality
  • RIP