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RIP Sonskyn

It is a truly sad day, We lost one of our first admins, RIP Sonskyn, our brother from another mother you will be missed, Condolences to Yasmin and family.

TCC Pays Tribute to this Beast we came to love and respect.


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So we ran a campaign to help those who are less fortunate, just would like to say thank you for all those in TCC who donated, to name a few honorable Donators

  • Bossman
  • Madtricks Rock Star
  • FoxBat
  • 7DK
  • Murdoc
  • Scarlock
  • Ren
  • Raxor
  • Nicola
  • Hennie
  • DeanO
  • Oubaas
Total Collected R25265.00


So one of our members climbed the highest mountain on the African Continent, just would like to say congrats not many people would be able to do that, especially at the age of 14.
maybe when I was younger and not sick as a dog, I would have gone with in a heart beat.
yeah yeah I know what you are all thinking, look at that picture, it is so fake, there is no way that 14 year old boy FROM Tea Cup Clan actually climbed that mountain. But I can assure you I did. I’ve done many hard things in my short life, I've hiked the fish river canyon, I gone on many 5 day hikes all across the globe, but never and I mean never have I ever been forced to go so deep. I have never been bitchslapped as hard as I was by that mountain. I thought it would be easy, you know, I'm young, I am an SA athlete, I thought I could probably run up, but man, that mountain smacked me in the face and humbled me. Now that I got all of that out of my system, I'll start telling you about how beautiful it was (although I didn’t pay much attention to my surrounding because I was crying the whole way up). Imagine being put in a room full of kittens, wait no, a room filled with butterflies, and times that by 2.7 and you'll know the beauty of that Mountain.
Now to finish this all off I want to say one more thing, let’s be serious, I can guarantee you that every single one of you can climb that mountain, even you Murdoc, the only thing stopping you from doing it is your mind, not your body. Everyone no matter what shape or size can physically climb that mountain, but only the strongest mentally can truly defeat it. So I am encouraging you all to get off your ass's stop playing games for 6 days and go climb that mountain.
Mordicai / 5Inches